Providing you with clear and concise information about our policies helps manage expectations and keep you informed.
Cancellation Policy
It is very important for your child's progress that therapy appointments be seen as a priority. Each therapist prepares and plans for your child's appointment specifically. It is the policy of The Madison Center to assess a fee of $25 for cancellations made less than 24 hours before your child’s scheduled appointment or for missed appointments without prior notification. Please note that you will be responsible for the cancellation fee in that we cannot charge the insurance company for such a fee. In cases of illness or emergency, please contact your child’s therapist as soon as possible. The cancellation fee is not applicable to sudden illness; however, therapist must still be notified as soon as possible. Failing to notify therapist will result cancellation fee. In addition, planned absences and vacations should be shared with your child's therapist as early as possible so other families might utilize open appointment slots.
Cancellation Policy PDF
Sickness Policy
If your child shows any of the following symptoms or other contagious diseases, we ask that you not attend therapy that week.
  1. Fever
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Lice
  5. Pink Eye
  6. Strep Throat Symptoms
With any infection, the child should be on an antibiotic for at least 24 hours. If the child does not attend school then he/she should not be brought into therapy that same day.
Therapy Discontinuation Policy
We require a 2 week notice to adequately measure progress, provide discharge recommendations, complete a discharge report for the client and gain increased perspective from caregivers. If less than a 2 week notice is given, a $75 fee will be charged.
Payment Policy
Therapy fees (including co-pays) are due within 60 days of receiving a statement. Payments can be given to your therapist, mailed in or called in with credit card information. Please make checks payable to The Madison Center.

You are responsible for all costs/ fees that your insurance company does not cover. The Madison Center bills health insurance companies as a service to our clients, including submissions of claims and appeals. However, in the event that your insurance provider or health plan determines our services to be “not covered”, you will be responsible for all outstanding charges. All payments are due within 60 days upon receipt of a statement from The Madison Center.

Accounts over 90 days past due will result in services being terminated. If you terminate therapy for any reason, you will be responsible to pay all fees, co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles immediately.
Late Policy
We understand that circumstances occur causing a late arrival to your scheduled therapy time, however our schedule does not allow for flexibility. Therefore, your child’s therapy session will still end at his or her scheduled time , even if we get a late start.
Attendance Policy For School Year
We are a small clinic, have a large wait list, and find therapy to be the most effective if it’s consistent. Therefore, our attendance policy is: 25% of missed sessions within a 4 month time frame will result in discontinuation or reduction of services.
Privacy and HIPPA information
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